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The line-up is complete!

7. / 8. october 2016
Munich / Backstage

- PERKELE (Streetpunk from Sweden),
- THE BABOON SHOW (Punkrock from Sweden),
- BONECRUSHER (Bulldozer-Punk from USA),
- BOOZE AND GLORY (Oi! from London),
- LION'S LAW (OI! Bomb from Paris),
- LEGION 76 (Oi!-Punk Tornado from USA),
- SIR PSYKO & HIS MONSTERS (Psychobilly from Austria),
- DIRT BOX DISCO (Punk and Roll from UK),
- PENNYCOCKS (Gypsy/Glam/Mod/Punk Rock from Catalonia),
- SNIPER 66 (Punkrock from Texas),
- HAT TRICKERS (Clockwork-Oi!/Punk from Japan),
- OLDFASHIONED IDEAS (Oi! from Sweden),
- RUDE PRIDE (Oi! from Madrid),
- EASTSIDE BOYS (German clever'n'Smart Punkrock),
- LOWBROWS (Punkrock from Nuremberg)

Aftershow-DJ-Battle with:
DJ Longshot(USA), Lars Resort & Angy Upstars(Nuremberg)

Presale Ticket = 45,00€
Ticket at Door = 50,00€

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