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23.07. - 01.08.2015


RazorCut was formed in 2011 when Doz & Snaz started jamming together. They both had the intention of starting a Melbourne Streetpunk Band. Having played in previous Punk bands, they set out to start an Oi! Band that was not only aggressive but had a whole lot of melody. Influenced by old school 70/80’s Oi!, they drew inspiration from bands such as Cocksparrer, The Business, The Crack, The Partisans and the like.
Soon after Flea, then Owen joined the band and the four of them were off to a great start. Their first release Combative Attitude was a 4 track 7” through Longshot Music & Rebellion Records. The 7” had a mix of Melodic and aggressive songs. 
Not long after the 7” was released Owen left RazorCut and was replaced by Al from Marching Orders. The new line up soon produced “Gone Are Those Days...”, a 10” EP,  again through Longshot Music & Rebellion Records. Staying true to their sound, the girls and boys had a mix of melodic & hard hitting songs, displaying a contrast of vocals & backup vocals.
Between "Gone are those days..." and writing their new album, they have also featured in the Under 1 Flag series, (Pirates Press Records, Longshot Music, Contra Records, Randale Records, Oi! The Boat Records, and Rebellion Records.) Oi! This is Streetpunk (Pirates Press) & Oi! Ain't Dead (Rebellion Records).
Flea left the band shortly after "Gone Are those days..." and was replaced by Brod from Marching Orders, who featured on some of the songs from RazorCut’s new album. Half way through the recording, Bel stepped in as guitarist, taking over from Brod, the band was back to how it initially started  - an equal split of two guys and two girls. 
In April 2015 the bands LP "Rise Again" was finally released – featuring 11 songs. 
Al’s significant vocals and the female backings are quite unique and lift the music to higher grounds. With a combination of good rocking songs that blend classic and modern Oi! and Streetpunk influences, ‘Rise Again’ is a powerful sounding LP.
Datum Land City Location  
23.07.15 D Rheinböllen Back on the Streets Fest confirmed
24.07.15 D Rheinböllen Back on the Streets Fest confirmed
25.07.15 A Vienna DasBach confirmed
26.07.15       in process
27.07.15 F Paris La Mécanique Ondulatoire confirmed
28.07.15 D Essen Südrock confirmed
29.07.15 D Erfurt AJZ Banane confirmed
30.07.15 D Hamburg

Monkeys Music Club

31.07.15 D Berlin Wild at Heart confirmed
01.08.15 UK Leeds The Fenton confirmed


TOPNOVIL  European-Tour March 2015


Thanks to all promoters,support-bands and friends for a great Euro-Tour! Was a long and hard tour...and was a great time with Topnovil!

La Familia!!!
Special thx for my Crew!